Let’s get Pitch Perfect

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March 3, 2021 by

Let’s get Pitch Perfect

We have all been there, you’re at a social event and a stranger turns to you and asks,

“Tell me about yourself? What do you do?”

You’re caught! You literally look like a deer in headlights and start fumbling, “uhhh ahhhh,” and faster than you could blink you have lost that person’s attention and quite possibly a potential sale.

As a business owner don’t let these opportunities slip through your fingers.


Be Prepared or Prepare to Fail!

A perfect solution is to practice your elevator pitch.


What is the purpose of an Elevator Pitch?

The purpose of an elevator pitch is not to close the sale but to get your audience interested in further conversation about your product or service beyond 30 seconds.

Once you have their attention you can give them information that will help close the deal.

I usually craft mine with the destination in mind, where do I want this conversation to go? How do I want my interaction with this person or group to end?

It’s helpful to keep these 7 basic points in mind;

  1. Be Brief
  2. Be Clear
  3. Make it Specific to Your Audience
  4. Highlight Your Benefits
  5. Identify the Problem and Your Solution
  6. Make a Compelling Call to Action
  7. Extend and Invitation to Continue the Conversation.

Below is an example of a pitch I sometimes use to engage a potential client:

“My name is Stephanie Khan, I am a business consultant, passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them find solutions to challenges they face getting their product or service launched. I would be happy to discuss the possibility of us working together to prepare your product for market, let’s exchange contact info and arrange a meeting.”

Another example;

“Hi, I’m Stephanie and I help your target market see your product or service. My passion is introducing entrepreneurs to my network and guiding businesses to profitability. If you would like to learn more, you can check out my website KhanKonnectYou.com Just remember my name Stephanie N. Khan and look me up.”

Still having difficulty? Let’s set up a meeting and work on this marketing tool together.