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Who Am I -Konnect With Stephanie Podcast


So you wanna be an entrepreneur well you are in the right place this is   Konnect with Stephanie and I am your host Stephanie N. Khan. Who am I? I am a business consultant, and my passion is supporting entrepreneurial growth. Because everyone needs hero support every Batman needs a Robin. Over the last 20 years or so I have seen businesses succeed and stumble. I don’t believe in failure we fail forward not backwards. and believe me what they post on social media is just the glamorous side but what does it really take to succeed?? for the next 10-15 minutes or so we’re going to talk about the GRIT, The Audacity the characteristics and of course the business tips you need to survive the unglamorous side of this journey.

Yes, I am going to share what you don’t see on social media so let’s Konnect!

I love that people are seeing me in these streets even with my mask on and sharing how much they love this podcast

Thank you so much for the support and the public shout outs!

Ya’ll have people watching me tryna figure out if I’m famous lol

But my interactions have also shed light on you guys are a bit confused about what I do

So let me break it down for you

I am a Business Consultant focused on Entrepreneurial growth. I work with medium enterprises and startups. I provide professional and technical advice to solve business challenges. How? I gather information regarding your situation, perform assessments, create detailed business plans, organise and execute projects on your behalf. As an added benefit I also teach you how to create systems in your operations to avoid the traps and pitfalls that most business owners fall into within the first 5 years of their business what we call the lean, critical year. Working with me or any other good consultant will save you money cause those traps you can fall into are costly. Costing you valuable time and money.

We discuss your affordable loss. What can you afford to lose? Time? Money? Relationships while you pursue your goals?


Yes, I have chosen to focus on Entrepreneurs and Startups because this is where my passion lies, I get excited about the fantastic ideas from entrepreneurs breaking new ground, boldly going where no man has gone before…


Why are consultants important?

You have limited resources working with a consultant can help with the financial aspects, resource management, business objectives, market analysis

My suggestion when looking for a consultant is look for someone who has both succeeded and failed or as I like to say stumbled and has the ability to bounce back… that bounce back skill is key because they are better equipped to guide you through the minefield that can be Entrepreneurship

They know more than just the theoretical aspects of business, but they have lived it and can give you real life experiences

As Robert Kiyosaki said “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”

Work with someone who is even more excited about your brand, product or service than even you are because when you are down, they will show you options for growth that you may not have thought about.

Consultants share with you their vast knowledge, experience, their vast network in business and media and more often than not will connect you to the right service provider to work together to solve challenges.

A good consultant may even suggest you work with a business coach instead of a consultant or to seek a good therapist.

The point is that you will get the guidance or feedback you need and sometimes may not even want to hear.

I also volunteer as a mentor or business coach with Youth Business of Trinidad and Tobago because I believe in adding value to my community and changing the world one step at a time.

In that role

I guide I don’t implement. I teach young grasshoppers the ways of the business world

Remember coaching and mentorship are very different to consulting. Mentoring and coaching I take a Mr. Miyagi approach if you’re familiar with Karate Kid…you get me and in Consulting I guide and implement steps in the strategy we develop

So my approach to the solution, focus areas, skills applied and efficiency are completely different in both situations.

In both roles I provide motivate and encourage which is possibly why on my social media you will see inspirational quotes because everyone needs a good word or two of support sometimes. In both roles I hold you accountable, I remind you of the goals that we set at the beginning of our relationship and help you achieve them.

I hope this gives you insight into what I do and hey if you would like to chat about your business idea just reach out and Khankonnectyou.com


So till next time

Network it will determine your net worth and it’s not who you know but who knows you

Consistency is Key

And some advice to you out there thinking about sowing the seeds of your own business and to those who have approached me about how to pivot

Those who have lost their jobs through downsizing or covid

The world of work is also changing

Job security is a thing of the past so engaging your entrepreneurial spirit is key to surviving

Whether you are young or old you can start a business and it doesn’t have to be a product it could be you as a brand

Just be visible. Develop your internet footprint through blogs, vlogs, podcasts volunteer work until you get your foot in the door

How will anyone know how good you are or what work you are capable of if you don’t show it?? Share it???

This is show and tell baby

Stand up and shine or get lost in the noise


So until next time